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Author: Jake Edwards

Office 2010 Beta

I was trying out the Office 2010 beta today and decided to share the new office experience with a few pictures. You can download the beta edition by visiting this website,

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Audiosurf – Song Ratings

Released mid-Feburary of last year (2008), Audiosurf is still one of the most popular games which utilizes the music as the ‘track’, using the song

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Game Photo Album

Although it has been around since the conception of this site, the Shadow Productions: Game Photo Album hasn’t really had much ‘show’ on the main

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Programmer Comics

One of my friends sent me a link to a ‘collection of good programmer web-comics’…. So I picked the best of the best :D Collection sourced

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Apple Tax: The Proof

A recently released white paper titled “What Price Cool?“, sponsored by Microsoft, has provided the proof that Apple Mac’s do in fact cost more to

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