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Bioshock 2: Steam Price in Australia

Steam has opened Bioshock 2 for pre-order, to be released in just under three weeks.

BioShock 2 Pre-Purchase Now


BioShock 2 is now available for pre-purchase on Steam! Save 10% and earn an extra copy of BioShock free! If you already own BioShock then gift it to any of your friends!
Want to play with a few of your friends? The BioShock 2 Four Pack gives you four copies of BioShock 2 and four free copies of BioShock to give out to your friends!

However, the price for Australia in Steam appears to be substantially higher, $27 USD higher… Using the two links below show two different prices, and unfortunately unless you have a US billing address, you wont be able to use the US store page.

AUD Bioshock Page:
USD Bioshock Page:

Suggestions for getting the lower price range from illegal to legal, however probably the easiest legal method is to just get it gifted from someone in America then pay them back via PayPal.


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