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Left 4 Dead 2 – Release Delayed

Launch Time

One of the latest most anticipated releases on Steam seems to have missed its launch date. Déjà vu anyone?

L4D2 Release Day

The Steam Forums and Steam community are responding sluggishly to requests, most likely bursting at the seams from the influx of gamers that want to get their hands dirty and start playing…

Most users attempting to access the Steam Community site are being presented with a ‘Down for Maintenance’ message, pictured below.

L4D2 Release Date: Steam Community Down

Personally, I am not to fussed if the deadlines aren’t met down to the second — managing the release of a game across millions of computers worldwide isn’t an easy feat. So Valve, take your time, just ignore the barrage of insults and gamer rage…
In the mean time gamers, visit the stats page to view the new in-game achievements and various records statistics.

UPDATE (+ 15 Minutes)

Having blocked comments on the event page (most likely to reduce server load), gamers can now no longer leave their insulting comments.. which is probably a good thing… This has allowed people to once again, gain access to Steam community.

UPDATE (+ 1 Hour)

An hour passed the launch time and L4D2 is finally showing signs of being released. The Steam store page has been revamped and a new post has made it onto the L4D blog site. Maybe daylight savings had something do with it :P

UPDATE (+1 Hour 15 Minutes)

Users are now able to decrypt game files :) Happy Gaming!

L4D2 Release: Decrypting


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