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Audiosurf – Song Ratings

Released mid-Feburary of last year (2008), Audiosurf is still one of the most popular games which utilizes the music as the ‘track’, using the song as the soul of the game.

For only $10 this game is  great way to enjoy your music collection; pushing the boundaries of a new musical experience — immersed within a rich 3d (almost psychedelic) environment. You will find some of yours song produce much more relaxed ‘tracks’ to play on, while some louder rock tracks will provide you quite a challenge…

It is on that aspect that I propose to music stores to add a new criteria to online song purchases… an Audiosurf rating, ASR for short. While some websites list some of the ‘best’, none actually let you purchase the track and find try it out yourself. A dedicated website should be set up to associate these ratings with songs. Online music stores can use an API to obtain the latest ranking (possible a star based system) for a song in particular — an average of tracks could provide a album ranking. For example, the “Windows XP Setup Sound” (played during the initial setting up of your computer) is actually not a bad Audiosurf track compared to some others I have tried… Although I doubt a music store would be able to sell such a song; it would at least give people the opportunity to try out great Audiosurf rides.

Anyway… I’m heading back to my song now that I’ve posted my thoughts of the day. You can read more about Audiosurf here or on the game’s website,

Happy surfing :)


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