Office 2010 Beta

I was trying out the Office 2010 beta today and decided to share the new office experience with a few pictures.

You can download the beta edition by visiting this website, then pressing “Get it Now” on the top right. Follow the steps and the ‘Download Now’ buttons, and you are on your way.

Apart from some ribbon GUI revamping, the only things that really stood out were the flashy new startup logo, and a new File/Print/Info menus that work a lot better when compared to previous versions of Office. The ribbon is a welcome change to all products across the Microsoft Office suite, including Publisher and Outlook.

Below are some screenshots of the new GUI across various applications of the suite. My theme is set to ‘Black’ (setting carried over from Office 2007), however you can find a blue and silver version of Powerpoint in the relevant section. Click the thumbnails to make them bigger.


Word - Main WordInfo WordPrint WordShare WordAbout


Powerpoint Slide Powerpoint - Blue Powerpoint - Silver


PubNew PubPage


Outlook - Inbox

“Send a Smile or a Frown”

Like something about Office 2010? or dislike something? You can easily give the Office Team feedback by clicking the smiley or frowning icon in the system tray while running Office.

Send A Smile

“Send a Smile also automatically collections the file location of all processes running on your computer. File locations may include user names and other personal information.” —
Well they do need that information to make the products better I guess… It’s all feedback to improve the process…


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