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Keyboard and Mouse Cleaning

So you’re wondering what on earth Shadow Productions could do to help with your cleaning routine? Well, not much really — however I can at least appreciate the difficulty of cleaning a keyboard and mouse, especially that of a gamer…

The odd situation is, that I tend to clean my keyboard while having the computer on — while voice chatting or waiting for a new game to install, I subconsciously clean the keyboard, but also tend to write an essay of jargon at the same time from accidental key presses.

This application, “Keyboard and Mouse Disabler” has only one known purpose so far, and that is to make cleaning your keyboard and mouse peripherals easy. With a few clicks, your mouse and keyboard will be temporarily disabled, preventing accidental key presses and mouse clicks — then it’s cleaning time :)

There is no install required, it runs straight from the download. While this may seem to be a rather trivial application to release, I thought why not. If someone finds a use for it — great :)

Download Keyboard and Mouse Disabler!


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  1. Haha, i have noticed its slightly difficult to get all of them enabled haha, i you use tab and space and disable the keyboard last then you can do it lol

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