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Dell BIOS Utility Command-Line Arguments

Dell BIOS updates have some undocumented command line switches that may be useful for system administrators. These are a few of the notable command-line arguments;

In order to bypass the Battery and AC adaptor check when attempting a BIOS update for a Dell laptop, simply run it with the /forceit command, for example;

  • DELL_BIOS_A10.exe /forceit

You can also extract the actual image using commands like writeromfile, for example;

  • DELL_BIOS_A10.exe -writeromfile

Dell use a variety of update programs depending on the age of the computer, so some commands may be deprecated or renamed. Let me know in teh comments if you find any other interesting Dell BIOS command line switches.


2 Responses

  1. Trying to bypass the battery check using the /forceit command, the Bios update application goes to open up but then I get an error message saying Unknown Command.

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