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VPC Kiosk

Imagine being able to walk to your local internet cafe but instead of restricting yourself to the limited resouces avaliable on that machine, instead you are able to insert your usb and load a virtual machine with all your personalisation and files. This effectivley will allow carry a usb on your keychain which can be loaded at any of these VPC Kiosks.

I am currently trying to develop an interface that will allow for this in however it is quite difficult having to use a closed-source Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 in order to obtain this ‘kiosk’ functionality.


I have made the GUI which detects the insertion of a usb and performs the finding of all virtual machines on the usb device. However I have hit a roadblock with the VPC configuration files which may take some time and effort to overcome.

This application concept is Copyrighted 2007 Shadow Productions


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