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Arduino Mega 2560, Wireless Proto Shield and Roving Networks WiFly RN-XV

Recently I’d been delving into some Arduino Wifi projects using the following shields/modules;

There seemed a lack of documentation for these three components so this is how I got them to work together;


Bending pins 1 and 2 of the Proto shield inward so they don’t connect to the Arduino Board, and then connecting pins to the Serial1 bus;

  • Shield Pin 0 to Arduino Mega Pin 19
  • Shield Pin 1 to Arduino Pin 18


Using the WiFlyHQ library, and then altering the initialization line within projects like the following;

  if (!wifly.begin(&wifiSerial, &Serial)) {


  wifly.begin(&Serial1, NULL);


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  1. This one is gold! I’m new to this stuff and after fiddling around for an hour or two to get the module running together with the Mega 2560 … it was these little changes that brought me forward.

    Thank you!

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