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Use WHM CPanel as Dynamic DNS Service

Several of the previously-free Dynamic DNS providers have gone paid. I already have a cPanel-based hosting account, so I figured why not use the DNS Zone-editing mechanism to create my own personal Dynamic DNS Provider? Seems I wasn’t the only one who thought of that :).\


The following script on GitHub gives you a PHP example on how to dynamically update the zone edit files based on a request from a router or internet connected device that needs the Dynamic DNS Name.

This assumes you have the domain within your cPanel account as the primary domain, or an Add-on domain, plus that you have access to the DNS Zone Editing tools.


The updater will need to the use the following custom URL sequence;


You’ll need to adjust the pattern to match the substitution tokens as you see fit.

OpenWRT & ddns-scripts

OpenWrt has a DDNS updater available through the means of ddns-scripts.

This is a screenshot of how the entry would need to be setup to work with the script above for the following;

Username: cpanelusername
Password: cpanelpassword

DDNS Setup on OpenWRT for WHMDDNS


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  1. This only works if you have WHM access (aka: you own the server, or you’re a reseller). It does not work with a plain cPanel account.

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