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Malware for Mac’s

As Mac OS X (unfortunately) becomes more and more popular, the amount of malware will increase for the operating system. This means that in the future, mac users will need to watch their single clicks to ensure they don’t download anything nasty of the Internet or from other sources such as email and removable media. Currently Mac users are lax about security – blindsighted by the supposed security of Mac OS X. This will need to change however, as they will need to learn the cautious security measures to ensure they are not infected by malware.

Personally I won’t be fussed when more malware, viruses, keyloggers and trojans are developed for Mac operating system – it will prove that OS X is after all, NOT as secure: bragged about on the Apple website.

“Cyber-criminals have begun to notice consumers’ growing attraction to Apple Macs during the past year… This trend has led to a number of viruses and malware created by hackers for the purpose of attacking consumers who purchase Mac computers… Mac users need to be aware that, while the threats that exist right now are few in number, they still need to take adequate measures to protect themselves.”


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