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Duplicity with Google Docs & Google Drive

The man pages for Duplicity suggest the syntax for Google Drive is the following;


This is correct, but doesn’t clearly explain the purpose of and how it impacts usernames. I was getting errors about two-factor authentication & application-specific passwords- which I’d already followed.

Turns out I was pushing my full username (e.g. into the user field (which is something Google requires elsewhere), while using an application password for the password field. I had mixed results, sometimes message about two-factor authentication and others about a parsing error (it thought the randomly-generated password was a port).

The syntax should probably read;


Or at least add an example (with a password of xyz) for user, into the directory Backups/Duplicity;


Perhaps if a user had a Google Apps domain, the original syntax would make more sense. An example nonetheless would alleviate any ambiguity.

I’m running Duplicity 0.7.0. This may change when the gdocs interface is revamped.



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