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Team Fortress 2 – Medics, Thumbs Down

What is going on Valve!

Seems the latest Team Fortress 2 update (Apr 29) has included 39 new medic achievements. That’s all well and good however the achievement system generally should contain achievements that don’t affect game play.

In the past week across all the servers I have played on, there is an extreme concentration of ‘Medic’ classes on both teams. Why? Because they want the ‘achievements’. There is always a group of players that will stand aside from the main objective of each match ‘grinding’ [purposely] fulfilling the criteria for the achievements. Hold on a moment. They are meant to be achievements – as in a ‘milestone’ (pun intended) of skill and experience. This means not something achieved in set-up circumstances!
When I play as a medic it provides me with a proper reward when I fulfil one of the achievements knowing that I didn’t obtain it because I could – that I believe denotes a good player.

Genuine players who specialise in the Medic class are put off by this ‘class spam’. I know of an experienced player who finds playing as a medic these days futile as there are already 10 medics on one team. “A lot of them [medics] are just idiots, so many people are being medic just because they can get unlocks” Malky. These new medic achievements don’t provide any benefit to the game play instead causing players annoyance.

Until Valve release more items and achievements to be unlocked for all classes, the game will definitely present itself with a class bias. This deters real, genuine medics and disappoints other players who would just like a ‘classic’ team fortress 2 game – without the added extras.


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