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Steam: In-Game Name Hack

Every wanted to be playing… ‘Nothing’? Now you can with this small hack. Just follow the steps below to be on your way to in-game name falsification!

  1. Firstly, open Steam. Press Add non-steam game…
  2. Browse your computer for a simple exe which you can stand running in the background. For example, notepad or maybe even an application that runs in the tray.Important: This application will need to be run while you want the name displayed.
  3. The program you selected will now be in your steam game list. Now to start the falsification!
    Right click the program and press Properties
  4. Change the first text box to anything you like. (Make sure the target and start in are left the same)
    E.g. “Your Mum” or “Nothing” (without the quotes). Press OK.
  5. Now run the program. Your steam name will be classified as ‘In non steam game’ but underneath will be the text you chose in step 4.


8 Responses

  1. Thanks alot loser, you just made it easier for downlaoders to cheat in call of duty pc version and not be able to get reported

    1. Wow… You do realised this was posted in 2008? MW3 was released in 2011. Even so, it’s got nothing to do with MW3.

      You’d have to be pulling my leg, right…?

  2. Justified assumption? sounds to me like someone who stuck his foot in his mouth. Besides the fact that you are somehow still interested in answering me back, and for whatever reason trying to prove me wrong in whatever it is you think me to be wrong in, please enlighten me and tell me what i am incorrect in. this is a way to change your in-game name is it not? therefore does it not allow cheaters to change their name to lets say “shadow-idiot” and thus get away with hacking in a steam based game, without the ability of any other steam user to know his real name, then reporting him?

  3. And even more so since it is Cod of duty games that most downloaders using steam seem to cheat in, I used the example, whatever the reason it may be, wether to lie to themselves or being a sore loser and getting tired of getting their, excuse my language, “shit pushed in”, why do you seem to stand up for the low class gamer that they are?

  4. I’m only replying because I can. I could just delete your comment if you prefer? —

    My point is;

    a. the In-game name isn’t the name that shows up inside the game, but the notification that appears while you’re in-game when using Steam.
    b. I don’t endorse cheating at all, never have. This game name hack has absolutely nothing to do with the name of your Solider in Battlefield for example.
    c. you said COD in the first post?
    d. Most of the anti-cheat software works off of a unique ID of your solider (e.g. Battlefield) and you’re blocked that way.
    e. when you call me a loser up-front, of course I’m going to try and understand your justification.
    f. I don’t even play COD so I can’t share your frustrations of cheating, but yeah — you need to get your facts straight first — complain to Activision/Infinity or whoever publishes the game these days.

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