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Steam – Community Downtime

Steam had some connection and networking issues today after about 750,000 users were disconnected and over 1 million users lost access to the friends services provided by Steam Community.

The connection went down at 2:15 am (GMT -8) with no reports or updates until after the issue had been resolved, about 2 hours later. The following is taken from the Steam forum thread describing the downtime issue:

Sorry for the inconvenience, we had a networking issue that was affecting about 1/8th of our users. The problem should be resolved now.

The problem wasn’t detected and fixed as quickly as it should have been due to some monitoring systems failing, we’ll be taking steps to ensure that doesn’t happen in the future.

jmccaskey: Steam Issues: Connection to Steam cannot be Made

The interesting this is that ‘jmccaskey’ says the issue only affected 1/8th users however the stats graph on Valve’s/Steam’s website says otherwise. The screenshot above clearly shows that no users whatsoever were online during the downtime.

Either way, its back online now and connection has been restored. Game time!


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