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Game Music: Mass Effect 2

I can’t tell whether I am disappointed in the musical aspect of Mass Effect 2 or not. Unfortunately, some of the ‘best’ music tracks aren’t included on the Official Sound Track – reason being? They aren’t made by EA, but are instead “real life” (but undiscovered) songs used in-game. Examples include the music from Aria’s Club on Omega — instead of gaining a place on the official soundtrack, it was substituted with some “generic battle music”.

Below are some select sound tracks, one or two from the official sound track, and the remainder from in-game locations by third party artists;

Mass Effect 2 – Other Music

I’m listing these first; purely because I prefer to listen to them first :)

Club Afterlife
(Saki Kaska – Callista)

Club Dark Star
(John Morgan – Happiness)

Mass Effect 2 – OST

Humans are Disappearing

The Illusive Man


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