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Game Music: Mass Effect 1

For such a great game, the ambient background music by itself doesn’t quite deliver quite the same effect as the game itself.

The music in Mass Effect was unfortunately not as ‘significant’ as I would have liked it to be. The tracks all seemed to lack the “ability” to be listened to outside of the game. A lot of the tracks were required to be coupled alongside game play in order to make their effect more prominent. This rendered the official soundtrack regrettably “forgettable”.

However, with every batch of not-so-great game music, or there are some stand out tracks from Mass Effect that provided that “Zelda-music like” connection to the game.

Mass Effect

Only a select few from the album made it here. Vigil being my favourite (and Mass Effect menu music), with a good old “Love Theme” rendition coming in second. “Uncharted Worlds” was at first slightly ‘annoying’ but it grew on me over time. “Feros” gets an honourable mention, but once again, requires you to be “in the game” to experience it at it’s full potential.


Love Theme

Uncharted Worlds



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