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Rune Messenger

Typing the same message to sell your ‘rune full helm’ can be really tiring, especially when if you don’t vary your messages and you get stung for bots!

This program takes care of all those issues, you are able to preset up to 10 messages with unlimited variations, each being assigned to <hk> + 1 – 10. <hk> represents Ctrl (default) and Alt which can be chosen from in the options section of the application.

When setting the messages, tags such as red: or blue: will change the text accordingly, and is compatible with the text colours used within Runescape.

Note: As Runescape has been updated since the release of this program, I cannot guarantee compatibility. It does not ‘inject’ or ‘modify’ the game in anyway, just sends keystrokes which should maintain through Runescape updates.