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Royal TS v1 Password Encryptor and Decryptor

This utility created will encrypt or decrypt a password key that is found within RoyalTSv1. The default encryption key and algorithm will provide you with instant access to any lost Royal TS passwords.

Decrypting RoyalTS Passwords

Open the configuration file in Notepad and look for the password ‘hash’ within the file and relevant XML nodes. It should appear to be a jumble of letters and numbers. Copy and paste the string in the ‘Decrypt Hash’ section and press ‘Go’.

Shadow Productions: Royal TS Password Encryptor and Decryptor

Encrypting RoyalTS Passwords

Select the ‘Encrypt Text’ section. Place the plain text string into the text box then press ‘Go’. Using the default algorithm and key, the letters and numbers will now represent the original plain text. Placing the encrypted string into the decryptor will reveal the original text.